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Comm Reading #2
January 19, 2010, 5:58 am
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“the word is not the thing”: meanings are not inherent inwords. human beings assign meaning to words.

denotation and connotation: denotation is the meaning accepted by majority of language community. connotation is accepted by one or more.

shared and private meaning: private is known only by the speaker. shared develops sense of belonging.

overlapping codes: intercultural communication. makes sense for minority, but they have to switch.

codeswitching: shifting to different styles

message encoding skills:

sapir whorf hypothesis: thoughts shaped by language.

five problem areas in use of language: abtract (vague), inferences (assumptions), dichotomies (polar), euphemism, equivocal(misunderstandings with more than one meaning of language)

cultural frame influuences comm: open minded africans, anti argument asians

sexist communications: women addressed as euphemisms more, more negative words for women, fremen/businessmen/chairmen/manhood

powerful speech: more attractive (not kinda, probably, i think, okay?)

metacommunication: instructions about how their message should be understood, communicating about communication


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